After the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca showed Bursa among the risky cities, teams affiliated to Bursa Provincial Security Directorate increased their inspections. The teams that increase their control on the streets and in areas where citizens are concentrated at all hours of the day, continue to inspect the wedding halls in the evenings.

Receiving a notice that henna night was held in a wedding hall belonging to a hotel in Nilüfer district and that corona virus measures were not followed, the teams of the Public Security Branch took action immediately. The teams went to the wedding hall and examined them and found that the Ministry of Interior’s Covid-19 measures were not complied with.

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An administrative penalty of 75,600 Turkish lira was imposed on 24 people in the wedding hall, as per Article 282 of the Sanitary Law No. 1593. In addition, the owner of the business A.B. TCK taken into custody. He was taken to the police station for legal proceedings in accordance with Article 195.

It has been learned that the inspections of the teams affiliated to the Provincial Police Department will continue without slowing down.

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