Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Land of Fire, a program of the coronavirus outbreak participated on the course descriptions found in Turkey. Stating that the increase in the number of vbaka recently is alarming, Kara stated that the restrictions may come back in the coming times.

Prof. Dr. Ateş Kara made a statement about the latest situation in the epidemic by connecting to the “What’s Happening Alive” program, hosted by Hakan Ural and Nur Tuğba Namlı, which was broadcast live on Kanal D screens every weekday.

Did Trump have a stroke? “We will not find healthcare workers”

Scientific board member Prof. Dr. Ateş Kara explained that the number of cases is increasing gradually and this situation is dangerous. Kara stated that healthcare workers also died due to the coronavirus and that the course was not good. Land statement, “We are hurting, the number of patients is increasing. If this goes on, we will not find a health worker to treat,” he drew attention to the seriousness of the situation. except for family members, outside interviewed everyone besides the mask and the social distance that must be complied with rules Kelly said, especially that they should keep one’s complacency in the event.

flash development Wild murder! Turkey

“Restrictions may return”

Stating that those who survived the virus are also likely to get the disease again, Kara said that the measures apply to everyone. Stating that there is a possibility that the restrictions may come back, Prof. Dr. Fire land, work is continuing rapidly in bulunarak statements on the application exceeded but said he would find the spring of 2021.

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