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Galatasaray legend, Crownless King Metin Oktay, was commemorated with respect and mercy on the 29th anniversary of his death. Galatasaray Sports Club, Vice President Abdurrahim Albayrak, made statements after the memorial. Reviews TRT Sports Speaking Albayrak, “everyone’s role model, the late Metin Oktay vaccines text name to all young people in Turkey we commemorate” he said.
The 66-year-old manager who stated that they avoided high cost in transfer,” We want to make low-cost transfers without putting everything in the club at cost. This is the way we have displayed so far, we will never compromise. Abdurrahim Albayrak, who emphasized that the transfer agenda was understood with Okay Yokuşlu but Celta Vigo did not leave the player, said, “Okay Yokuşlu is one of the important names raised by Turkish football. He said he wanted to come to us, but unfortunately, do not think about selling or renting the club. he said. “

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