The yellow-blue team will make its last move for Edin Visca after the sale of Vedat Muriqi. For the Bosnian player, it is aimed to put an end to this transfer by offering some money in addition to the exchange to Başakşehir. It is stated that Visca said „yes“ to Fenerbahçe.
TOLGAY MARKETING Negotiations for the transfer of Tolgay Arslan to Hannover 96 continue. F. Garden wants to send the 30-year-old player, who could not get efficiency, due to his high fee. The bargains are based on a part of his salary when he meets F. Garden. If an agreement is reached, Tolgay will return to Germany.
CONGRATULATION TO THE GIRLS OF THE CHAMPION The Under-19 Young Girls‘ National Team, which won the European Championship by beating Serbia, congratulated Fenerbahçe. In the news on the official site, it was also emphasized that İpar Kurt from F.Bahçe Opet, who scored 28 points, was chosen as the most valuable player of the tournament.
DESIGNS WILL BE SUBMITTED TO VOTE The delivery time offered to the fans for the new design of the football A Team bus has ended. Management made the statement, „Thank you to all our fans who brought their designs together with our Fenerbahçe. The designs determined as a result of the evaluation will be presented to our fans“. The top-rated design will be the new face of Fenerbahçe Bus in the 2020-21 season.

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