Trabzonspor, who was a guest of Samsunspor in the first preparatory match of the season, experienced the nightmare of last season. The Black Sea giant, who won the championship with the points he lost to his opponents in the matches he took the lead, was the guest of Samsunspor in the match broadcast yesterday by A SPOR. Football played as well as the score and new transfers were curious. The newest Flavio, Trondsen, and a little Edgar Le were able to show themselves. Plaza and Marlon did not seem physically ready.
Trabzonspor caught the first serious opportunity in the match. Pereira brought awesome at 21, Sörloth sent auta from 3 meters. Ahmethan at 30, Oğuz at 36 tried his luck, Uğurcan did not pass. Burgundy-blues got ahead 1-0 in 50 with Edgar Le’s goal. Taking advantage of the settlement problem in defense, Enes made the score 1-1 in 54. In 88, Serkan Asan caused a penalty. Samsunspor won the match 2-1 with Kubilay’s goal. Fırtına will play another friendly match against BB Erzurumspor on 5 September.
It was very dynamic in midfield. Strong and constantly concentrate on the game. He’s a ball thief. Press power is high. He played simple and vertical in offense.
The second half took the stage. In the middle of Guilherme scored a nice header. It has a simple but smart play style.
Not ready yet. He could not do the overlays expected of him. He came late to the level in the defeated goal.
A great talent. His wrists are very soft. Its rust is millimetric. The most important thing is physics. If he develops it, he could be the top 11 player in the future.
Very hard worker. His vision of the game is high in the midfield. He showed his quality in the first game yet. Football mind and ball control are excellent.
It has obvious potential but is not physically ready. Flavio said at the end of the match: „Big teams have big goals. We will do great things here. I will contribute too. The score is sad but our preparations as a team are going well. This is great. The club does not always have the chance to play in such teams „
Uğurcan Çakır was on the field in Trabzonspor as the captain. Eddie Newton started the game with two left-footed center backs Furkan and Campi. In the Black Sea team, the president was in the Agaoglu tribune. Nwakaeme played in the number 10 position. It wasn’t as comfortable as on the wing. Salih made his debut with Trabzonspor jersey. Right-back Pereira and Flavio, 36, were the most physically ready.
Trabzonspor’s trainer Eddie Newton said they played a good friendly match. The English coach said, „It was a good training for us. I saw the performance of all the players. I observed the young players. In general, I consider it a good opportunity.“

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