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When the black-and-white club could not agree with Roman Santon for the right-back, Sangare from Antalyaspor and DeAndre Yedlin from Newcastle United were among the candidates. While the Beşiktaş administration continued its contacts for the two players, a remarkable comment came from Ada about Yedlin. Durim Halimi, exhausting of Newcstle Toons, said, „Last season was a season to be forgotten for Yedlin. Not only because of his poor performance. The total contribution was very low. He was excellent in causing problems, and the lack of defense awareness was also shocking. reminded that he has enough talent to play. But it was very inconsistent. “ Besiktas, who gave priority to Sangare, 26 years old, is among the incoming news that they continue to negotiate with Antalyaspor front.

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