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Fenerbahçe, who wanted to establish an ambitious team next season, added Mert Hakan Yandaş, Gökhan Gönüş, Caner Erkin, Novak, Jose Sosa and Mauricio Lemos to its staff. The technical delegation, which determined the missing and weak areas, determined the names and regions required for the transfer. The yellow-blue team is interested in many football players.
In Fenerbahçe, the first goal is to eliminate the deficiency of center backs. In this context, yellow-navy blue continues their attempts to transfer Marcel Tisserand wearing Wolfsburg jersey.
Eran Zahavi, who continued his career in China, was proposed to Fenerbahçe. Eran Zahavi, who allegedly agreed with Fenerbahçe, said goodbye to Guangzhou.
Fenerbahçe, who could not agree with Roma recently, decided to sit at the table with the Italian club once again. Canary will update its bid for the 32-year-old left wing player.
Fenerbahçe, yellow-dark blue is getting ready to re-add former star Giuliano to its squad. Giuliano, wearing Al Nasr jersey, one of the teams of the Saudi Arabian League, informed the management that he wanted to leave his team. There was a development that would create an agenda regarding the Brazilian star, who started to search for a new team. According to the news shared by the world famous reporter Manu Lonjon, the agreement was finalized in the talks between Giuliano and Fenerbahçe, who will leave Al Nasr. The yellow-blue team will reconnect the offensive player sent to Al Nasr with a testimonial fee of 10 million 500 thousand euros in 2018.
Yellow-Lacivertliler has taken action to recruit Edin Visca, the star player of Medipol Başakşehir, to its squad. It was learned that Canary offered Ozan Tufan and Deniz Türüç from midfield players to get Visca. Başakşehir did not make a final decision for this offer.
A new transfer claim came from Ukraine for Fenerbahçe. Balonlatino. In the news on the net site, it was stated that the yellow-blue team made an offer for the Uruguayan left wing of Dinamo Kiev, Carlos de Pena. It was stated that Pena could be the second Uruguayan transfer of F. Garden after Lemos. It was stated that Kiev wanted 5 million euros for the 28-year-old player in the first place. It was reported that Rome and Naples were checking the pulse for Pena but not making official offers.

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