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Beşiktaş Club President Ahmet Nur Çebi addressed the fans in the September issue. Çebi said: „Dear Beşiktaş guys, We are starting a new season before we take a breath for the first time in all professional leagues. However, this new season has an important point for us. It will be a period when we will start to implement our planning and draw our own path. For this reason, our biggest expectation is. , will undoubtedly be able to see the unique harmony of our stadium with our fans together again and raise trophies in a sports face that will not be influenced by external factors. fans will never leave you alone this great love, we all Turkey. First, you need sMS need donations made by increasing the allowance as well as all the fans of our supporting our club with huge sums, even I extend my thanks also to the fans of the opposing team. also our second fundraiser this occasion this the month will be held I would like to indicate to you. SMS messages to be sent until the end of tonight give our fans the right to participate in the lottery. We wish the great participation of our fans in our lottery, which includes home, car and many experience awards. While we continue to produce new projects within our „Let Me Leave You“ campaign, we also continue to work on new sources of income that will benefit our club. You should have no doubt that your hands, which you put under the stone by supporting us in the complicated process we are in, will be a great power for us to overcome the current problems. As in all our branches, our structuring process continues in basketball and football. We will realize the supplements that our teams need to the extent that our facilities and federation limits allow. We have entrusted Akatlar to our talented young players with a bright future. We are working hard to recruit valuable players, whom we will make maximum contribution in football, to our staff with the approval of our teachers. Our professionals are working hard to wear the Beşiktaş jersey by athletes who will be worthy of that sacredness. I hope this new season, in which we will take the first steps, will bring health, success, unity and solidarity to the entire Beşiktaş Community. „

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