Catriona Howie, who has been working as general manager at London’s luxury kitchen and home appliance design store Holloways of Ludlow since 2013, agreed to go on a one-year maternity leave in July 2017 and continue working with the company for the summer next year. However, while the economic situation of the company deteriorated, on the other hand, the dismissal of women came to the fore.

Howie argued that she was not informed about these matters at the court.

Due to financial problems, the company decided to take employees to a bar instead of holding a New Year’s Eve celebration in a private venue in 2017, but no one invited Howie to the celebration.

Sarah Nelson, the director of the company, stated at the hearing that “it was not in their mind to notify Howie that they were not holding a formal celebration party”. However, Nelson added that if Howie was actively working in the workplace at the time, they would definitely invite her.

The court ruled that the company was unfair to Howie and ignored her because she was on pregnancy leave.

Judge Corinna Ferguson said, “The company did not hold a Christmas party as usual as it entered 2018. On the other hand, the expenses of the informal celebration in December were cited by the company as an official party. There is no such thing as Howie was intentionally not invited to the celebration. But the reason he was not invited is that no one had thought of Howie while on maternity leave. If he had been working at work at that time, there is no doubt that he would have been invited. So he was ignored because he was on maternity leave. ” she said.

The court also accused the company of not correctly informing Howie about her economic situation and the risk of losing her job.

According to the decision, it is envisaged that Howie will be compensated from £ 900 to £ 8,800 (approximately £ 9,000 to £ 88,000) for his “emotional injury”.

In addition, the company will pay thousand 27 pounds (approximately 10 thousand 270 TL) for unpaid wages and vacation expenses to the woman. giriş sonrası hızlı bahis oynayabilir ve hemen kazanç sahibi olacak işlemlerde bulunabilirsiniz. casino oynama sitesinde yer alan masa oyunlarından da 3D ve sanal şekilde kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz. canlı casino oyun seçenekleri yüklemesiz sunuluyor. saniyesinde açılan oyunlarda hemen kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz.

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