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In the statement on the organization’s website, it was noted that the encounter was postponed to another date due to the flight restrictions imposed by the Israeli government within the framework of the new type of coronavirus measures. According to the protocols applied during the pandemic period, each match in the league can be postponed up to three times. THY Europa League officials will determine the date and place of the match after the meeting with the representatives of the two clubs. ERGİN ATAMAN: “WE ARE ALWAYS VICTORY” Maccabi Tel-Aviv, which was postponed due to the reason, evaluated the match to DHA. Ataman said, “The fact that the Euroleague softens the rules set at the beginning of the season creates a great injustice.” In the 23rd week of THY Euroleague, the match, hosted by Anadolu Efesi, was postponed due to coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Israeli government. On the other hand, it remains unclear how Maccabi, who is the guest of Fenerbahçe Beko, will return to his country tonight. Israel’s airspace special closure of the flight other than airplanes and Turkey due to not allow the flight from Israel Maccabi, and from there to Greece before to return in Tel Aviv gidecekti.b MATCHES play oynanabilirdimaç in ANOTHER ROOM IN ISTANBUL Ataman that they want Israel flights in Turkey after the closing of the encounter or be played in another country, he said. “It is a great injustice that the Euroleague’s softening of the rules set at the beginning of the season creates such an injustice,” said Ataman. We had to go to Tel-Aviv tomorrow normally during the double match week. There is a match against Maccabi Tel-Aviv on Thursday. However, according to the news, it was said that flights were banned until the end of the month in Tel-Aviv, where the match was postponed. It was said that the flights that were previously specific to the team were free. This is extremely bad for us. Because; We do not know when, where, before which game they will play this delay match. We are in good shape right now. We wanted to play this match. After all, the Maccabi team is also in Istanbul. This match could be played in another hall in Istanbul. Or was not another place in Turkey on Thursday or Friday in Athens, a place softening the rules so much that he put at the beginning of the season oynanabilirdi.euroleague in Belgrade is creating a huge injustice. But there is nothing to do. We continue our struggle. You will play a match, the country is closing flights for 5 days, you cannot go and play the match there. If we can’t play there, we can play elsewhere. The matches are played without an audience anyway. I can say that I do not like the decision in any way. But there is nothing to do. The Euroleague has such decisions. He used the expressions that we are always the victims in this.

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