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Nikola Kalinic, Beşiktaş’s number one goal for kickoff, is now at the final level. The black-and-white management, which in principle agreed on a contract with the 32-year-old striker footballer with a salary and bonus amount of 2.5 million Euros, managed to significantly lower the figure from the testimonial negotiation with Atletico Madrid. The Spanish requested a 4 million Euro testimonial for Kalinic with another year remaining costs 2.5 million Euros <after negotiations Downloaded to span>.


The offer made by the black and white management to Atletico Madrid was 1.5 million Euros. Beşiktaş trying to draw the number to the line of its choice , punctuate the long transfer / span> on . If an agreement is reached with the Spanish team, the final meeting will be made with Nikola Kalinic over a 2 + 1 year contract and the Croatian football player will come to Istanbul and sign the contract that will make him a Beşiktaş.


Francisco Montero, which Beşiktaş rented from Atletico Madrid for a year, was expected to be in Istanbul today. However, the advent of 21-year-old stopper to Turkey was postponed due to personal reasons. It was stated that the Spanish football player will be in Istanbul today or tomorrow. The black-and-whites who reach an agreement with the Spanish team in return for Montero’s salary also have the right to receive 50 percent of the player’s testimonial for 4.5 million Euros. Beşiktaş will pay 775 thousand Euros to the young stop.


With Montero, the number of stoppers increased to 7 in Beşiktaş. The black and white people who are preparing to send Mirin and Roco are waiting for Vida to transfer to another team to add Lille’s footballer Soumaoro to his squad. The clubs Parma and Al Sadd have so far aspired to the Croatian defender. It was learned that the 31-year-old footballer wanted a higher figure by not accepting the 4 million Euro proposed by the Qatar team.

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