The Mediterranean representative, who continues to prepare for the season under the management of coach Tamer Tuna, will host Gençlerbirliği in the first week of the league, which will start on September 11.

Antalyaspor Club Press Spokesperson Murat Süğlün stated that the intensive match schedule is waiting for the Super League teams in the new season.

Stating that they will be playing every match with their password to win in the new season, Süğlün said, “There is not much to say about the fixture. As Antalyaspor, we plan to overcome this intense match schedule and become one of the successful and ambitious teams of the new season in the Super League. a difficult situation.” found the evaluation.

Süğlün explained that Antalyaspor’s second stage camping activities were very productive before the new season.

Stating that the new transfers have also adapted to the team in a fun short time, Süğlün said, “Our first stage camp work took a week in Afyonkarahisar on 10-16 August. That process was also very good. Subsequently, the second stage camp work we started in our facilities on 19 August continues. Everything is OK.” used the expressions.

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“Transfer work continues”

Noting that the transfer studies continue, Süğlün said, “There is nothing concluded at the new transfer point for now. Our negotiations continue. Everything is now budgetary, financial. That’s why we continue our transfer studies in this direction.” he spoke.

The red-and-white team, which finished 9th in the last season with 45 points, strengthened its squad with Dever Orgill, Gökdeniz Bayrakdar, Serdar Gürler and Nuri Şahin transferred before the new season.

Antalyaspor will participate in the “The Land of Legends Cup” organization, where Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Demir Group Sivasspor will also compete in Istanbul between 31 August and 5 September.

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