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Fenerbahçe demanded 18 million euros (158.3 million Turkish Liras with the exchange rate of 3 September 2020) for Max Kruse. & Nbsp; According to the news in Bild; After this request process, Max Kruse said, “I have not been the person who violated my contract throughout my career. If Fenerbahçe was bound by the contract, I would not cancel my contract.” Fenerbahçe Board Member Alper Pirşen said, “FIFA will solve the problem between us and Max Kruse. We will defend the rights of our club to the end. Max Kruse violated the contract. He went and filed a lawsuit against us for 7.5 million euros in FIFA. We also filed a counter-lawsuit against FIFA with our own arguments. We accused Max Kruse. ” He said. “It was like this, in ORTEGA, 11 MILLION DOLLARS PAYING” Alper Pirs, “the club had a similar issue in our history. Subject is not exactly the same, but Ariel Ortega, asked to return to the country because it is unhappy in Turkey. Club we left a problematic way and was sentenced to pay 11 million dollars in compensation in return. ” Bild gave the information that Fenerbahçe filed an 18 million euro claim for damages against Max Kruse.

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