Aytemiz has signed a contract for the name sponsorship with Alanyaspor, which has been supporting since 2016.

Alanyaspor, 2020-2021 title sponsorship of the Aytemiz in Turkey Super League Seasons will continue to struggle. The orange-green team will be named Aytemiz Alanyaspor throughout the season according to the agreement.

Reminding that Alanyaspor has been the unchanging name sponsor since the day it was launched in the Super League, Aytemiz continues this support for the fifth time in a row. Alanyaspor Club President Hasan Çavuşoğlu and Aytemiz General Manager Erol Varlık attended the signing ceremony held in Aytemiz headquarters building.

Stating that they always act with an understanding that supports sports and athletes, Aytemiz General Manager Erol Varlık, regarding this year’s sponsorship, said, “As Aytemiz, we are one of the most dynamic brands in the sector with the innovative and creative services we have developed. Being the voice of this dynamism in sports, Alanyaspor has gained a permanent place in the Super League with its rising performance and stability in all competitions in the four years we sponsored. We believe that the positive atmosphere captured by the team will add excitement and color to Turkish football this season as well.

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We think we have created a good synergy in our four-year relationship with Alanyaspor and we are very happy to support the team this year as well. Despite the decision to play the first half matches of the 2020-2021 season without an audience, our league had a very exciting start. As Aytemiz, we will continue to stand by our team, regardless of the conditions. I wish success to Aytemiz Alanyaspor in the new season ”.

The Alanyaspor Club President Hasan Cavusoglu, “Turkey’s strong and growing fuel distribution company, Aytemiz our business unity are entering the 5th year. I strongly believe that we will realize a successful business in these forces we received from the cooperation of the new season. contributed to this agreement, thanks also to the last, and company officials Thank you. Good luck for both parties, “he said.

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